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Frequently Asked Questions:

How does Agent Branding System work?

The Agent Branding System, of insurance marketing, is based on the tried and tested inbound methodology. Inbound marketing is considered one of the most powerful and cost effective methods of marketing. It focuses on prospect attraction rather than consumer interruption.

We begin by ensuring your business’s online presence is built on the right keywords. Keywords play a vital role in ensuring that prospects find your brand when they perform a search online. In addition, we will make sure that your website, social media channels, and business listings are correctly optimized for search engine prominence. All of which puts your brand in good shape to begin attracting prospects.

Don’t have a business listing or a social media presence? Fear not, we’ve got you covered. We will set up and manage your entire digital strategy.

Is the ABS service fully compliant with my corporate office and the State in which I operate?

Yes. We are not just experts on marketing strategies for insurance agents; we also understand all industry compliance requirements. Jon Anderson, Founder/CEO, is a former fully licensed (P&C, Life & Health, Series 6, Series 63 & Notary) in the state of California. He and his team are continuously studying the marketing laws in all 50-states to ensure that they stay on top of what it takes to be fully compliant while marketing for ABS clients.

Rest assured, your marketing and brand building initiative with us will not jeopardize your relationship with your corporate office or your State officials.

How much does ABS cost?

We offer several pricing packages to suit different budgets and business requirements. Our starter service cost less than you’d expect to pay daily for a good latte and pastry. Our bundles are also good for your financial waistline.

Is there an annual commitment involved to sign up for ABS?

Ideally, the answer is, Yes. You will be asked to commit to a 12-month agreement. Not because we want to force you to stay with us, but because the ABS method is not a quick fix insurance marketing solution. Time is required to initiate each stage of the system effectively – Research, planning, design, implementation, optimization, and monitoring. However, we do offer a month-to-month program as well.

Inbound marketing tactics are effective and long-lasting, but it takes between 3-5 months to get traction in your market. Click here to see our most recent case studies.

Does ABS offer a guarantee?

Yes. We do offer a guarantee comparable to the type of results that you saw in the case studies shown above. Your results may vary slightly depending on the broadband penetration and household density in your market. We have complete confidence in our approach and are sure that, in time, you will too.

Does ABS provide monthly performance reports?

Absolutely. We believe that data demonstrates success. Without it, we are all punching in the dark. At the start of each month, we will provide you with a detailed overview of your campaign for the previous month. You will be able to see and compare your website, social media, and business listings performance.

Are there any hidden costs associated with ABS?

No. We believe in complete transparency. In fact, we will provide an itemized breakdown of costs in our written agreement to you.

Is your agency a Google Certified Partner, a HubSpot Certified Partner and a YP Certified Agency?

Yes. We’re very proud to have achieved these levels of excellence.

Does your agency have any special certifications of affiliations that would ensure advertisers get the best quality of marketing?

Yes. We are voracious learners and strive to keep abreast of all the latest marketing best practices. That’s just part of our commitment to delivering a quality service to you. We are Google Certified Partners, HubSpot Certified, and YP Certified.

Does ABS offer any add-on services, e.g., Pay-Per-Click, etc.?

Yes. While inbound marketing will be the main focus of the campaign, we have seen that some traditional forms of advertising can help to boost results. Our add-on services include website design, pay-per-click, online display advertising, email marketing, direct mail and yellow pages management. No matter your marketing and branding needs, “We’ve got you covered.”