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7 Reasons To Choose Agent Branding System (ABS)



Let’s talk about the seven good reasons to choose Agent Branding System. Marketing and branding services are down a dozen or at least that is the common perception. The truth is however, while there are many such services to choose from, not all are created equal. You will come across a mature mid-level and even high level marketing and branding service providers there are even a few exceptional marketing and branding services as is the case with Agent Branding System or fondly called ABS. Welcome back to agent branding system. Hi Agents. I’m Jon Anderson founder and CEO of Agent Branding System. As an insurance Agent or financial services agent or a combination of the two, us I know many of you are, proper marketing and branding are important. It helps you to gain the trust of consumers attract more business and leverage the influence of the national brand with which you are associated. A well established brand makes it easier to attract high quality leads while at the same time becoming a magnet for attracting talented recruits like those coveted Millennials that we often write about. The benefits of marketing and branding are clear and numerous, but it all comes down to one simple question; “Why should I choose Agent Branding System over the countless other marketing and branding services?”,.. And the answer to that question is answerable in three words: experience, expertise and trust, but as is with everything else that we do here at Agent Branding System we want to be thorough in our answer to the question. So here are seven reasons to entrust us with your agent branding and marketing: Number one: Insurance and financial services is in our DNA. The founder and CEO of agent Branding System myself I’m no stranger to the insurance and financial services industry. I specialized in PNC or property and casualty, life, health, disability, series six, series 63 and notary production. One thing I learned very quickly on in my career is that it taught me that I had to have a sound local marketing and branding strategy. By being an agent for a couple of years I understand the needs of insurance and financial services agents better than most here at America. That knowledge and expertise are the driving forces behind ABS and a great reason to choose us. Number two: We’re good at this. Our primary focus is insurance and financial services marketing and branding. As a result, we’ve gotten quite good at what we do focusing on what we know enables us to gain unparalleled expertise way beyond that of general marketing and branding companies. Our team of experienced insurance professionals combined with the talent of top internet online marketing professionals enables ABS to deliver an exceptional marketing and branding service for each of our clients. We use a variety of digital marketing along with other effective online modern marketing practices. In other words, we’ve proven that these concepts work. Our methods include search engine optimization or SEO, social media marketing, social media optimization, online business listings management and more.

Number three: One of the major benefits of working with branding specialists such as Agent Branding System is that you get the rewards of tried and tested systematic approaches to marketing and branding for your industry (specifically for your industry). While there is no “one- size-fits-all” solution to marketing and branding, we work with so many different agents we can quickly implement systems that we’re confident will work for you as well within your own local market. First we take the time to understand the needs of your business analysis. Then we formulate an action plan, initiate that action plan (we’re able to evaluate the performance very early on) and then make our adjustments where needed. It’s a systematic approach that means that we can monitor and track every aspect of your marketing and branding development so that we know what’s working and what needs to change. Number four: We have the resources. It’s probably safe to assume that as an agent you don’t have all the resources necessary to execute an effective marketing and branding strategy or campaign within your local community. That’s understandable. This is what we do and that’s why we’re here we already have a team of experts on hand to handle the various aspects the myriad of aspects of marketing and brand development in your community. By using us you will essentially equip your business with its effective brand development team. Here at Agent Branding System we have experts in search engine optimization (again SEO), content creation, content curation, content distribution all this is compliant social media marketing social media optimization and keyword research all of which are key factors in market and brand development. We already have the resources in place to save you the hassle the time and the money. We’re results driven. We’re in business to improve yours. Our aim is to help you attract quality leads at the right price, build your national brand and become top of mind for local consumers. To meet those goals we will be tenacious in our efforts to grow your business. We’re passionate about the products and services that we offer and above all we’re driven by the urge to achieve the best results possible. When we achieve results for you, we achieve results for ourselves so our results oriented nature it’s beneficial for all of us. Number six: We don’t view you as simply a client. If you’ve thought about choosing us you would be entering into yet another client service provider relationship you’d be wrong, if that’s your assumption. Here at ABS we do not see you just as another client, we see you as an extension of our own business and you should consider us the same for you. Your business is our business as such you can expect from us the same level of commitment and passion that you have for your own business and your own team members. We want you to achieve success by developing a solid digital brand that will reap rewards now and well into the future. …And finally point number seven: Full suite of services that we offer. They’re fully compliant, tested and true. With ABS you can expect all your marketing and brand development needs to be catered for. We offer a full suite of services including email marketing, social media optimization, pay-per-click marketing, online display advertising and a plethora or a host of other online services. As I mentioned, no need to use multiple marketing firms when just one will do everything for you and that’s Agent Branding System. Furthermore, we always maintain full compliance. We know this is very important to you. Full compliance with agents corporate offices and the state laws in which they operate like the DOI or FINRA. If you’re ready to boost your marketing and your branding and take it to the next level, then be sure to talk to us first. Can I ask you something now? What do you think are the top benefits of using an Agent Branding System tell me your thoughts in the comment section below. Thank you for taking the time to watch our video today. Please subscribe. Continue watching our series for more exciting business discussions related to the insurance and financial services industry. Are you ready to learn more about what our services offer? Get in touch with us now at Again that’s Our toll-free number 888-776-7761. Subscribe to our channel today by clicking the little red button below the lower side of your screen and you’ll always be up-to-date on relevant marketing information that can help you. You can also have these videos sent right to your inbox when we make a new one and we’ll be doing that fairly frequently. Simply click the link in the description box to become an Agent Branding System insider thanks for watching and have a great day!