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Get More Free Likes On Facebook


Hi there, insurance agents! Agent Branding System here to give you some free tips on how to get more likes on your Facebook business page. So, there are two ways to get likes on your Facebook business page, which is very important because it increases your audience size, i.e., potential leads. The two ways are paid and organic. You can pay Facebook, and your Facebook likes will increase exponentially depending on the budget that you choose; or, you can do it organically, which means not paying for it. You can suggest your page to friends and family or suggest it in your newsfeed. There lots of different ways to do it. However, one way that a lot of people don’t know about, and insurance agents get really excited about, is that you can take your LinkedIn profile contacts, or connections as they’re called on LinkedIn, and transfer them to your Facebook business page. Then, you can send those connections invitations to like your Facebook business page. Now, insurance agents usually love it when we tell them this because you usually have so many connections on LinkedIn, and you want to leverage those on Facebook as well. So all you have to do is go to the home page of your Facebook profile page, then click on your business page link. There should be a shortcut in the left-hand corner of the home page or in the right-hand corner. Click on your “Joe Smith Insurance Agency.” Right here it says Agent Branding System, so we would click on that. Then, it’s going to take you to your business page. In this toolbar towards the top of your business page, there’s a button with three little dots on it. Click that button and then you’ll get a drop-down menu. Click on “suggest page” in the drop down menu. In the next menu that appears, click on “upload contacts” next to contact list file. In the next menu that appears, click on “How to create a contact file.” That link will take you to another menu. It’ll drop down, and you want to go down and click on LinkedIn. Click on the LinkedIn link; then the menu is going to drop down a little further. You’re going to click on “Address book export.” Just click on that link, then it’s going to take you directly to your LinkedIn profile. Make sure that before you start this process, you’ve actually logged into your LinkedIn page, if you’re not logged in already. When you get to this page, you’ll see a message like this: “Click on export.” It’s going to export an excel file of all of your LinkedIn contacts. You then download that file and save it to your desktop. Once you have it saved on your desktop, it’s going to be just like attaching a file to an email. You’ll go back to your Facebook business page where this menu will still be present. Click on “Choose file” and then it’s going to let you choose the file from your desktop. Choose that file, and then you just click “Upload Contacts” and the process will begin. It will send out invitations to everyone in your LinkedIn connections file, and any of those people that have a Facebook profile will get an invitation to like your page. I hope this tip was helpful! Contact us at for more information.