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Get Google Rating and Reviews


Agents across America, this is Jon Anderson, founder CEO of We’re going to teach you today how to get more Google ratings and reviews. Many of our clients are asking us how to do that, so here it is. I could just give you a link to click on, but instead of giving you a fish, I want to teach you how to fish in this case, that way you see the whole concept, so that you can then teach it in your team meetings. So you simply go to Google and you type in “google maps” and there you’re going to go to whatever locale you’re in. In this case, I want to demonstrate what a user or client of yours would see located within your city. They’ll see a picture of local downtown, or of their city, and in this case we want to use Pittsburgh, California because one of our clients out there asked this question very recently. So you then have them look in the top right-hand corner. This is extremely important. You see there’s my picture. You’ve got to make sure that they’re logged in – after they get to Google Maps – got to make sure that they’re logged in. Let me back up a moment so you’ll see what it looks like when you’re not logged in. It looks the same with the exception of a “sign in” button. Now, if they write this rating and review right now, it won’t be any good because Google will perceive them as a robot or bot trying to spam or spoof the system. Google doesn’t like that and they frown upon it, so in this case, they have to be logged in. I’m going to log in now using the correct password and voila there’s my picture. That’s how I know I’ve signed in. Now all you do is you have them go to this little box and type your agency name in. So in this case, Mike Stoiber State Farm Agent, and there it Populates. Have them just simply scroll down a little bit and there it is: “rate & review.” Mike Stoiber is a great guy. He’s a super agent. “Mike Stoiber and his team are the absolute best. Their customer service and follow-through are amazing!” Then, I could upload a photo if I want, or not. So, I’ve given them my rating and then I’ve given them my review. I post it – isn’t that cool? Now google tells me you’ve earned points. Turn your points into rewards by joining local guides. So of course Google’s trying to track down Yelp. Yelp has probably north of 100 million reviews now, so Google’s really got to step on it. Now, why Google ratings and reviews because Google is 800 pound gorilla in the world of search engine marketing, so if Google says these ratings and reviews are legitimate, guess what happens to your SERP or your search engine result page rankings? Yes, you’re absolutely right. They go up. This is just one of many components in the formula that you should be using to drive higher performance in terms of your inbound marketing funnel. Thanks, and have a great day.