Get More FB Likes


Hey there! This is Lindsey Dixon Garcia, Social Media Marketing Manager for Agent Branding System, here to give you some free tips on how to grow your audience with Facebook page likes. So, we’ll use the Agent Branding business page as an example. So, what you’ll need to do is go to your business page. You can usually get to your business page from your personal profile by clicking on the shortcut with the name of your business page. The first way that I’m going to show you today is how to share your page. Just click share right there – and you have lots of options here – so you can click share on your own timeline or share on a friend’s timeline. That could be someone that works in your insurance agency, family members, share in a group (if you are a member of any Facebook groups), share in an event, or share in a private message, i.e. the Facebook Messenger app. You choose one of those options and you’ll want to start with sharing on your own timeline at least. Then, move on to these others and then you’ll just say something about this. Then you just hit “post.” We’re going to cancel that. You can also tag people when you do it right here, that way people that you tag (so let’s tag me) will see the post appear in their timeline as well. So, let’s cancel out of that. Another way to share your page and ask people to like it is to click on the three little dots right here and hit suggest page. Now, this is where having an email list comes in handy. If you already have a database of your customers leads or any sort of email list, you can upload it here. You just hit upload contacts, choose the file, then hit upload contacts, and voila! It will send out an invitation to everyone who has a Facebook profile in your contact list inviting them to like your page. Finally, you can invite friends and this sends an individual invitation to people in your Facebook connections, which is your Facebook friends on your individual Profile. That’s it guys! I hope this helps you get some more page likes and more business for your agency. Check us out at Thanks for your time guys!

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