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Why Insurance Agents Should Have Fully Optimized Business Profiles

In the past, a complete business profile meant having your correct name, phone number and address in the yellow pages. However with virtually everything being online these days, people desire more information about the businesses they choose, before they make their choice. For insurance agencies, a complete business profile is equally important. Customers need to […]

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Why Your Online Reputation Matters Today

In the insurance business, an agency’s reputation is priceless. Even in the early days of the industry, word of mouth and referrals ┬ádrove customers to an agency, or away from it. The only difference today is that there are more channels where we can promote our brand and reputation, particularly, on the Internet. Online reputation […]

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3 Reasons To Increase A Life Insurance Policy

Life insurance could be one of the easiest or trickiest things to market. On one hand, it’s an expense that few people can justify, but on the other, everyone must eventually face the fact that death is inevitable for all of us. However, those who want to ensure their loved ones are protected know the […]

4 Things Clients Should Know About Insurance Policies for Jewelry and Art

Homeowners insurance is an absolute must for anyone who owns a home. Like most insurance types, it’s nice to have and never use it, but having it will help you sleep better at night. As an agent, you probably tell your clients that with this type of insurance,  should anything happen to their home – burglary, fire, […]

A Quick Guide to Rental Property Insurance

  In our blog, we’ve covered renters insurance and why people should get it, as well as how agents can market it to their clients. However, those thinking about renting their property out should think about rental property insurance. If you have a client who is considering doing this, whether for long-term, as an investment or […]

Who Needs An Umbrella Insurance Policy?

Insurance is an important, and even necessary part of life these days. Most people are already familiar with many of the common products like auto, renters, home, and even life insurance, and some may even come to you asking for various policies. However, most clients may not have even heard about umbrella insurance policies. As an insurance agent, […]

Top 10 Disaster Preparedness Tips To Share With Insurance Clients

Disasters, whether natural or not, can happen to anyone at any time. Many people think that accidents, fires, burglaries, floods, and earthquakes are things that happen to other people, but they will quickly realize how untrue that is when disaster strikes them and their loved ones. Of course, as an insurance agent, you’re not out […]

Maintaining Your Book of Business: 7 Insurance Agency Retention Strategies

Finding clients to fill your book of business is challenging. These days, it is not just about establishing a marketing budget and paying for a few ads. You have to maintain a presence on numerous social media channels, build trust with your prospects, and develop a strong brand for your agency’s good name.

Answer These Common Questions to Attract More Insurance Leads

As an insurance agent, you’ve probably heard the same questions over and over again. Based on my experience in the insurance business, there are common questions that I would get, especially from new customers. How I answer most prospects or customers depends on how much experience they have when it comes to doing research and […]