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How Social Media Plays a Key Role in Insurance Agent Marketing

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Insurance is something that everyone needs. The key factor in turning a target audience member to your loyal customer is changing that need into a want. Buying insurance is a necessity but not an enjoyable task. In this busy world where everyone is pulled in different directions, having a customer’s attention and keeping that can be quite the challenge. To accomplish that, establishing your branding as an insurance agent is more important than ever.

This is where online marketing comes in. Social media is not just for games or looking at pictures from grandma’s last cruise trip. They have now served as another platform where one can do online marketing, specifically in your case, insurance agent marketing.


Who’s your Audience?

For an insurance agent to market their products and services, it was almost like closing your eyes and hope that your arrow hits its intended mark. Your fingers can still do the talking, but more accurately, the tapping on the keys through online marketing. Due to the influx of knowledge that the internet has provided since it’s inception, millennials are investing in homes and buying cars and establishing their start-up business. They could ask Mom and Dad where they get their insurance from, but before they hit the speed dial, they research it first online. Friends and colleagues become the fastest influencers for these young ones. So how do you tap into that market? Where do they like to hang out when online? Social media and their apps are where the cool kids are. So that’s where your insurance agent marketing strategy should start and focus on.



The cool kids today are not only faster when it comes to picking up on technology, but they are also smarter. Gone were the days of having to go to a library to get information and wrangle with the Dewey Decimal System. Nowadays, just a few taps and some clicks deliver the information that one needs. Consumers are now much more marketing-savvy. They know when they are being fed hokey or distorted information. They key here is to market to your audience, but not have them feel like they’re being targeted. Having an online presence, whether establishing an account in a social media application or building a website creates visibility in the internet marketing world.



Build on it!

As an insurance agent, branding goes a long way to help with credibility and building your base of customers. But how do you do that? Consistency is what matters! Construct a reputation of being present regularly among different platforms. When we say regularly, we don’t mean to contact your consumers or spam them 20 times a day. Doing that would be the fastest way of losing your customers. You certainly don’t want your efforts to go to waste. Remember when you receive those emails from companies you did business with once and they keep sending you emails and offers over and over again? Did it irritate you and made you hit the unsubscribe list or forward these emails to your spam folder? Consider your customer’s attention as prime real estate property. They were in your subscriber list or maybe followed your page because they bought a product or in the process of considering your services. You want to be visible to them but not annoying.

insurance agent marketing

So how often should you reach out to your consumers? This is a delicate balance. For emails, you can start this off as a weekly thing and maybe more if you have a special promotion from your insurance agency. Having those extra bonus offers sent their way means that you still have them in your mind and looking out for their best interests. For social media platforms, you can start blog or article posts for engagement at least once a week. With online marketing, you can even write these posts ahead of time and schedule them to come out a certain time each week. Your posts can appear like clockwork, but not be too overwhelming. One important point to consider when you are starting to establish your online presence is to choose which platforms you need to be on and how many posts you will need to do or have. Too many can only be too much for your customer and can also be hard to maintain and sustain for you as an insurance agent in the long run.


Get creative!

Mascots or spokesperson can be a creative method to reach out to more of your target audience. Running giveaways or social media campaigns are a fun way to grow your list! Surveys still do work but it doesn’t do harm to give a good incentive once in awhile. If you’re a captive agent, make sure you check with your company’s compliance department if you’re not sure which types of incentives or contests are allowed.

Buying insurance can be a daunting task for many. However, with internet marketing, youcan cutting out the babble and confusion while making the shopping process easy and hassle free. We’re all customers, one way or the other. We want what’s best for us, validate that we made the right decision, and we wanted it yesterday. The more you focus on the benefits for your consumer, the more are they likely to be invested in you and your insurance company.


Be ahead of the curve!

As an insurance agent, anticipation and understanding your market will be your greatest asset. Many thought the Internet would not change the world and look where we are now. Your next door neighbor doesn’t have to wait for the next market fair to sell her delicious jams. They now can have an online shop where people can order and ship products to themselves with one click. So why not take advantage of that?

Many agents and agencies are seeing that social media marketing is not a trend; but rather, a part of doing business these days. InsuranceNewsNet reported that social media budgets this year is rising to for $381 million. On the plus side, this type of insurance agent marketing is still lower cost than the traditional print or television marketing.

From grandparents to the grandkids, everyone is online nowadays. Why shouldn’t you be too?


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Carl Willis CEO/Lead Strategist
This results-driven approach not only generated a flood of high-quality leads but also kept advertising expenditures at an unprecedented low. Carl's ingenuity not only cultivated a distinguished online brand but also positioned him as a formidable force, outshining competitors and achieving consistent business growth without the financial pitfalls of ineffective marketing campaigns.
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