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How to Boost Posts on Facebook


Greetings, insurance and financial services agents across America! This is Jon Anderson, Founder CEO of Were a full-service marketing agency based out of the Silicon Valley, which of course, branding is a large component, but not the only component of what we do to help you market your agency and own that 25-mile radius around your physical office. So today’s tip is about how many clients are asking what happened to their free visibility on Facebook? They say “I post and post and post and people in my business Facebook page tribe are telling me that they’re no longer seeing all of those great posts that they used to see.” Well, there’s a reason for that. Mark Zuckerberg announced on Yahoo Finance in August of 2016 that he was going head-to-head now against Google for paid search revenues. Think about that for a moment. You don’t think that a very bright guy like Mark Zuckerberg would make such a bold statement and not already have it pretty much figured out, right? So what we noticed is that a couple of years ago, in about mid-2014, we noticed that the interface that he gave agencies like myself, and SMBs like you, the opportunity to get very sophisticated with regards to our targeting. There are many different targeting options, so let’s just give you an example. Here let’s go to David Hurd’s Facebook business page He’s a Farmers agent out of Mansfield, Texas, great guy. Bottom Line, at the end of the day, you simply go here, you click on promote page, and you want to connect with people who are not in your book of business. Think of the power of that? How do you reach people outside of your book? Of course, selling to your book you get multi-line opportunities, that’s fabulous. However, you and I both know that to really grow your agency and get to where you want to want to get with say 10,000 households, it’s important to reach people that are not a part of your current book of business, especially those within a 25-mile radius around your physical office. Why? Well, most people like to shop for their Insurance, their dentist, their auto repair mechanic, their beautician, groceries – you name it and it’s probably within that 25-mile radius. So, in order to get their Facebook offers a great opportunity to reach those individuals outside of your book of business within that 25-mile radius. Facebook has more than 1.7 billion users and counting. So, you can no longer ignore this social Network. If in fact you ever were, now’s the time to get on board. You simply come here, select the gender age range, some demographics (very easily answered questions) Then, you come here to pick the products that you’d like to target. You go to a daily budget. You can set up five, ten, or twenty bucks a day, or choose your own budget with a customized date range for it to expire. You can do this just on the trial, and then the key is, you click “change,” and of course in this case, I’m using my two couple of corporate credit cards that you see here. This is my own personal business Facebook account and personal account that it’s accessing. You simply come here, same process, and you click on “add payment method.” Add your payment information there, and away you go. Now if you have any questions whatsoever about these steps feel free to give us a call. I’m going to give you the toll-free number (888) 776-7761 and again we’re a Google Partner, as well as a HubSpot Certified Partner. Again, Jon Anderson, Founder and CEO of Thanks and have a great day!