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Google’s Featured Snippet

What is a “Featured Snippet” and Why is it important?

A featured snippet is a summary of an answer to a user’s query, displayed at the top of the search results page. It is intended to give the user a quick answer to their question without having to click through to a website. The summary is extracted from a webpage, and the page title and URL are also displayed. The goal of a featured snippet is to provide the user with a concise and useful summary of the information they are searching for.

There are several reasons why businesses might want to get a featured snippet on Google:

  1. Increased visibility: A featured snippet occupies a prominent position at the top of the search results page, so it is more likely to be seen by users. This can lead to an increase in traffic to the website.
  2. Brand awareness: Having a featured snippet can increase brand awareness, as the business’s website and name will be displayed prominently in the search results.
  3. Improved user experience: By providing users with a quick and useful summary of the information they are looking for, businesses can improve the user experience and make it more likely that users will visit their website.
  4. Increased credibility: Being selected for a featured snippet can be seen as a sign of credibility and expertise, as Google has deemed the information on the website to be particularly relevant and useful. This can help to establish the business as a trusted source of information in its field.

There are a few things that a business can do to increase the chances of getting a featured snippet on Google:

  1. Optimize the website’s content: Google looks for content that is well-written, comprehensive, and easy to understand. It is important to ensure that the website’s content is of high quality and provides thorough and accurate information on the topic.
  2. Use header tags: Google uses header tags (such as H1, H2, etc.) to understand the structure and hierarchy of the content on a webpage. Using header tags appropriately can help Google understand the main points and subpoints of an article and make it more likely to be selected for a featured snippet.
  3. Use lists and tables: Google often selects lists and tables for featured snippets, as they provide a clear and easy-to-understand summary of information. If the business’s content includes lists or tables, it may be more likely to be selected for a featured snippet.
  4. Monitor the website’s performance: It is important to monitor the website’s performance to ensure that it is functioning properly and providing a good user experience. If the website is slow to load or difficult to navigate, it may be less likely to be selected for a featured snippet.

Research and understand the user’s needs: By researching and understanding the needs and questions of the business’s target audience, the business can create content that is more likely to be selected for a featured snippet.

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