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Location Based Search Optimization Tips for Insurance Agents

Insurance agents operate in certain geographical areas. That means that they have to promote their services locally. An insurance agent can get a lot of new clients if he/she is found in the local search results. That’s why it’s so important to do local SEO for insurance agents. It’s necessary to develop a local SEO strategy that works well for insurance business. Today, we’ll provide insurance agents with location based search optimization tips to help them get the most out of their local SEO efforts.

So, let’s get started.

1) Pick the Local Keywords for a SEO Campaign

It all begins with keyword research. Your job is to pick the keywords that people use to find insurance agents in the areas where they live. You have to select the keywords which are related to insurance services and locations that you are targeting.

Depending on services that you offer, your keywords can be relevant to life insurance, health insurance, car insurance, business insurance, etc. And of course, you have to add the locations to the keywords.

There are many other factors that you have to take into consideration when selecting local keywords for insurance agent’s SEO campaign. When analyzing keywords, you have to find out how much search traffic you will get if you achieve top search engine rankings. Also, you have to pay attention to the conversion rate of keywords. Give a preference to keywords that convert well.

Once the list of local keywords is ready, it’s time to do optimization. At this stage, it’s necessary to optimize insurance agent’s Google My Business page and website’s pages for keywords. If done right, the optimization will help your Google My Business page to rank high for the necessary local keywords in local search.

2) Optimize Google My Business Page for Local Keywords

An insurance agent has to use any opportunity to optimize his/her Google My Business page and make it relevant to the target keywords. When creating Google My Business page, insurance agents have to provide the descriptions, images, the address, etc.

The description is required for Google My Business page. The description of Google My Business page has to be between 100 and 200 words. Insurance agents have an opportunity to describe their services and optimize their Google My Business page for SEO. Insurance agents can insert the local keywords in the description of the page where it makes sense. So, the keywords will look and sound natural. Keyword stuffing should be avoided.

When providing the address, an insurance agent has to provide the area where he/she works. By doing so, an insurance agent can improve his/her Google My Business page’s local SEO.

It’s also important to select the relevant category for insurance agents. Choose the category that’s relevant to your services. By doing so, you’ll manage to make your Google My Business page SEO friendly.

It’s also possible to publish posts on Google My Business page. And of course, it’s possible to use the posts of this type to improve Google My Business page’s local SEO. You can include the keywords relevant to insurance and locations in the post that you publish on Google My Business page. Well-optimized Google My Business posts will rank well and help you get the additional search traffic.

3) Optimize Content on Your Business Website for Local Keywords

Insurance agents have a website. The agents use websites to promote their insurance services and attract new clients to their businesses. The content on insurance agent’s website can be optimized for local keywords.

Insurance agents can optimize homepage and other pages on their business sites. The homepage on insurance agent’s site has to be optimized for the main keywords. You can also create the additional pages on a website and optimize them for the secondary keywords.

Whether you optimize content on the homepage or other site’s pages, you should include the target keywords in the title, description and content. In addition, you should optimize website’s pages for the location where insurance agents operate.

It’s a good idea to add a blog to an insurance agent’s site. The blog helps insurance agents get the additional targeted traffic to their sites and contribute greatly to their SEO. Blog content can be optimized for local keywords. Publish interesting content related to insurance services on your website’s blog regularly. Include the keywords as well as locations in your blog posts where it’s possible.

4) Build Local Links for Your Website

Links play a very important role in search engine optimization. Whether you perform general SEO or local SEO, you have to build links. However, it’s incredibly important to get high quality links for websites these days. Insurance agents should aim to attract only high quality links to their sites.

Insurance agents have to be very selective when it comes to picking the platforms for link building purposes. It would be great to build links from local websites for insurance agents. But most importantly, insurance agents should aim to attract links from relevant sites. Try to get from popular local sites which are relevant to insurance. Links of this type will have a powerful effect on your SEO.

5) Build Local Citations for Insurance Agents

The same can be said about local citations. Local citations have a profound positive impact on local SEO.

There are many ways to build local citations for insurance agents. When building citations for insurance agents, you should give a preference to the local online resources which are relevant to insurance. It’s possible to build local citations on popular local websites, online directories and social networks.

Insurance agents can mention their business names, office addresses as well as phone numbers when building local citations. Each such citation will contribute to your local SEO and help your insurance business rank higher.

6) Insurance Agents Must Have Positive Reviews

People tend to check online reputation of insurance agents before hiring. And of course, they give a preference to those agents who have many positive reviews. It’s also important to note that positive customer reviews have a positive impact on local SEO. That means that agents can improve their Google rankings by getting positive reviews.

7) Track the Efficiency of a Local SEO Strategy

Insurance agents should constantly track the success of their local SEO strategy. They should analyze the rankings, traffic as well as conversions of a local SEO strategy. If something is wrong, it’s necessary to make changes to a local SEO strategy as soon as possible.


Location based search optimization requires knowledge, skills and experience. Do you need help with local SEO for insurance agents? Contact us today to get a free service quote!