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Setting up a Google Business Profile for Insurance Agents

Setting up a Google Business Profile for Insurance Agents

People tend to search for insurance agents on Google. It’s also important to note that searchers give a preference to the top listings in Google. That’s why it’s so important for an insurance agent to be listed in the local search. Otherwise, customers will select your competitors and, therefore, hire other insurance agents.

Whether you work as an independent insurance agent or represent an insurance agency, you need to set up a Google Business Profile. The profile of this type will help you promote your insurance services and contribute greatly to the success of your business.

If you set up a Google Business Profile to promote an insurance agent’s services, then you’ll have a chance to appear in the Local 3-Pack. This will help you increase your search engine visibility significantly. Today, we’ll talk you through the process of setting up a Google Business Profile for insurance agents.

Getting Ready for Building Insurance Agent’s Google Business Profile

It all begins with the preparation. Keep in mind that things usually go easy if you are well-prepared for the process of creating an insurance agent’s Google Business Profile. It makes a lot of sense to prepare logo, photos as well as descriptions in advance. Insurance agents should start creating a Google Business Profile only if they have everything that’s required.

Creating a Google Business Profile for Insurance Agents

The process of creating a Google Business Profile consists of several stages. Now, we’ll walk through each stage of this process. Also, we’ll give you tips that you need to follow to build a Google Business Profile for agents in the best possible way.

Providing Insurance Agent’s Business Name, Primary Categories and Secondary Categories on Google Business Profile

First of all, it’s necessary to provide an agent’s information on business profile in Google. That means that you have to provide your business name and select the category as well as sub-category for your Google Business Profile. So, you have to pick one main category as well as secondary categories.

For example, an insurance agent can pick something like “an insurance agent” or “an insurance broker” as the main category. After that, you have to pick the secondary categories which are related to insurance. It’s worth noting that the secondary categories depend on your insurance services. That means that an insurance agent can pick secondary categories such as “auto insurance”, “life insurance”, etc.

Add Business Description to Insurance Agent’s Google Business Profile

Google Business Profile gives insurance agents an opportunity to describe their business. And of course, you should take advantage of such an opportunity. Tell people what type of insurance services you offer, how long you have been in insurance business, your benefits, achievements, etc. Explain your customers how you can help them, etc.

Describe Your Insurance Services in the Service Section on Google Business Profile

There are different types of insurance services. An insurance agent offers auto insurance, medical insurance, life insurance, etc. In this section, an agent should describe each of his/her insurance services.

Specifying the Location Where an Insurance Agent Operates

Google Business Profile allows insurance agents to show either location or service area. Are you an insurance agent, who works from home? In this case, it would be better to specify the service area. In other words, you can use neighbouring city names, states or zip codes to specify the area where you operate. Or, maybe, you work from office? If so, it’s necessary to provide the address of an insurance agent’s office. One way or another, you should let people know where you provide your insurance services.

Provide the Information on Insurance Agent’s Business Hours

People need to know when an insurance agent operates. So, they will be able to contact an insurance agent when such a need arises. If business hours change for some reasons, an insurance agent has to update his/her business profile on Google. Let’s assume that you are not going to work on upcoming holidays. If this is the case, you should let people know about this on Google Business Profile.

Provide Site’s URL on Google Business Profile

Do you have a website? In this case, it would be great to provide a link to your insurance agent’s site on Google Business Profile. By doing so, an insurance agent will manage to attract website traffic and target audience.

Upload Logo and Photos on Google Business Profile

Logo and photos help insurance agents attract a lot of attention to Google Business Profile. It goes without saying that high quality images will help you stand out from the crowd in Google Maps and in Google search. As a result, your insurance agent’s Google Business Profile will get a lot of attention. And of course, it’s a very good thing.

Verifying a Google Business Profile for Insurance Agents

After completing a Google Business Profile, insurance agents have to go through the verification process. At this stage, you have to prove the fact that your insurance business exists. Google will ask you to verify your business profile. They will require you to provide the code that proves the fact that you do insurance business.

Initially, you get a postcard with a code from Google. Now, you have to login your Google Business Profile and provide a code. This needs to be done within 5 days. It’s also possible to verify a Google Business Profile for an insurance agent by a phone call and via email. Once the verification process is complete successfully, Google Business Profile will be shown to the public. That’s it. Now, an insurance agent can use Google Business Profile to promote his/her services.

Are you interested in setting up a Google Business Profile for an insurance agent? Contact us today! Our professionals are always happy to provide an effective solution for any of your insurance agent’s marketing needs!



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